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Halo 2 Walkthrough

You and your troops are moving on in. This is a LONG level so be prepared for the time involved. Remember to conserve ammo and to reload whenever you can, and pick up new ammo whenever you can. There is no Ammo Fairy that will save you if you run out.

You see fighting BELOW you under the glass floor. Just keep going, checkpoint. The door opens ahead. Now you're in a lab area - go down to the center. "I have a bad feeling about this" says your pal Han Solo. You see a video projection of the heretic and an incredibly great exchange. "I wondered who the prophets would send to kill me. An Arbitor, I'm flattered." The acting in some of these sequences is just phenomonal. Checkpoint.

The flood attack, just the little ones. Slay them, checkpoint. Your troops now send you ahead. Go through a pair of doors into fighting. You have a room with drones, enemies and flood - stay in the doorway and shoot most from there, then walk in and clean up. Checkpoint. This is a long sequence here. The room seems to spin and you get another set of enemies. Checkpoint. More spinning, more enemies, checkpoint. Your sole task is to kill things here. More drones, more spinning, more checkpoints, and finally the door opens.

Get into the hall for a checkpoint. A pair of flood come from behind, kill them. In the next room you see fighting below. They are all enemies so wait a while for them to kill each other, then break the glass and snipe the rest from up above. When you're sure all are dead, jump down for a checkpoint. Now a new batch of guys shoot at you from above. Take them out on their balconies then go for the plasma cannon at the end of the room. Shoot down the waves of enemies. Don't let them get behind you as your gun won't turn 360 around. checkpoint. Another wave, checkpoint. A nasty set comes through the door, go free roaming, slay them, checkpoint.

The doors open now. Go through them to hear "the storm is about to hit". Kill the flood on the outer bridge and your guys will join you. Now cross the bridge and fight up to the left. Go up the ramp, checkpoint, and around to the door, checkpoint.

Now you have a fight in the lab before the heretic locks himself behind a super powerful door. "We shall force him out" says your buddy. Checkpoint. Go stand in front of your friend and press X to take his sword, and they all take off. Your job is to cut the cables holding the station in the air. Switch to a gun for now for fighting, though. Head up the ramps slowly, taking out enemies one at a time, to the elevator. There's a sword here too. Hit X to go up.

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