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Halo 2 Walkthrough
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Be very careful not to fall as you're on this level, there are a number of holes in here. You're told to cut the cable. Run up the ramp and around the edge. There are three pillars with blue lights on them. Behind each one is a cable. Each cable needs to be cut 3 times with your sword to break. The traditional gaming Power of Three is at force here. Run from cable to cable slashing them. When you're done, the station goes into freefall. Checkpoint.

Take the elevator down again for another checkpoint. There are two rounds of fighting in the center of this room, checkpoint. Go through the door and fall down the shaft there. You get another massive fight - shoot from the doorway as much as you can. Go right down the ramp. You get a cut scene with the heretic taking off on a banshee. Jump onto the other one for a checkpoint.

This part seems hard but really just fly straight towards the marked landing area, ignoring the other ships, and dodging any debris. Wiggle from side to side to make it harder for them to shoot you as you go. When you get to the marked spot, checkpoint.

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