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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Dead or Alive ... Actually, Just Dead

Head left up the ramp into the room. Now move down into the door for a checkpoint. Go right into the new room. Go left alogn this room killing guys. At the end on the right is a door. Head up the ramps for a checkpoint. This section is VERY dark, in essence you keep going up and right. Any time you hit a door you can't open, turn right and you'll find the ramp up. If you watch the floor you'll see the red lights to help guide you up.

Finally you get to a room with enemies, pretty much ignore them and go straight across the room to the right, up the ramp. Keep going up through a few more tunnels.

You're at the final showdown with the Heretic now. "Who has taught you these lies" is the gist if your conversation with him, when "The Oracle" - i.e. 343 Guilty Spark from the first Halo, shows up. The Heretic tosses out two spheres to create holo-Heretics for you to fight. There's a checkpoint here, and be ready for a tough battle.

What I found best was to race immediately at the two holo guys and slash them with the sword. If you go right at them you can pretty much kill both of them immediately, then run left and hide in one of the low tunnels. Just don't go all the way to the end of the tunnel, there's a hole at the end. Heal up your armor and wait.

The heretic will get annoyed with you and start coming low down to shoot you. If you run and jump, you can slash him with your sword and it only takes 2 or 3 hits to kill him. If you try to shoot him down instead, he is VERY good at dodging and his blasts can slay you in no time at all.

Suddenly the white haired prison guard shows up and sucks in Guilty Spark with a device. You're upset - "That's the Oracle!" The guard says "So he is" and tosses the oracle aside. You're now done with the Covenant part and switch back to the humans.

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