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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Hell Jumpers

You're back to the female ship commander who followed the Covenant on their jump. She's just coming out of jump and Halo is there in front of her. The Covenant ship with the Prophet of Regret on it is sitting above Halo. You and the sergeant are going to be dropped on Halo and she's going to take off so that the Covenant don't realize there is a force here. You're told to secure the landing zone.

In one of those classic touches that just makes this game brilliant, the sergeant goes by your pod and bangs twice on the outside to say "Ready in there?" and you bang back once to say "let's go". This game is better than many moves out there!

OK< you guys go screaming down out of the sky and land, surprising the Covenant. You and your troops work your way up the ramp of the hill, taking out covenant as you go. You get a checkpoint when you reach the plateau area.

You have a rocket launcher - take out the turret on the left then clear the rest. You get "landing zone secure" - get into the building for a checkpoint. An enemy dropship comes - you can take out its two turrets with the launcher but not the entire ship. Kill the guys it drops for checkpoint. Then go back into the building again and do it all over again as more enemies are dropped. Blast away from that base. "Hold here until the Pelican arrives, chief.". You hear the temple is in the center of a lake and a Warthog is dropped for you.

Checkpoint as guys jump in to join you. The trick with the warthog is to go SLOWLY so they can shoot the enemies down singly - they only have one gun but it's very powerful. Follow the road to the right of the structure you were in, straight away from the water. You'll see water again as you cross the mountain, with the temple in it. Checkpoint.

Go right along the road. "Bridge ahead" - checkpoint. Just go forward and backwards in little movements to avoid being shot but to take out the enemies SLOWLY one by one. Don't try to engage groups of them. Your pals will kill everyone for you easily. Checkpoint.

Go inside the building on foot and clear it out, then go to the control and use X to open the bridge. Checkpoint. Go back out and get onto the warthog and wait for your friends, checkpoint. Cross the bridge slowly and the tank and ghosts will soon be history. Checkpoint. Keep on going in the tunnel and around on the path.

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