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Halo 2 Walkthrough

HORDES of enemies come in at you at this point. Hopefully you've got some good firepower on you! Shoot the first wave, checkpoint. Go up tot he top level and right to the door ahead. Go across the top fo the bridge shooting as you go, then elft at the other end and into the center. Clear out the remaining enemies for "all's clear" and checkpoint.

Jump up onto the ledge and out the other door. You'll see a big carrier going on an energy beam to the temple, this is the "gondola". Go right to the bridge then snipe everyone from afar - pretty easy. Go to the central water pool for CHECKPOINT.

Now this is pretty tough. They're going to drop two nasty enemies on your head. Your best bet is to hide in the central dome, they can't get in there. Lob grenades at them and then shoot whoever remains from in there. CHECKPOINT.

You're told there are only a few pelicans for support. Weapons and guys are dropped near you. Stock up. A gondola comes - shoot the riders, then go to the front of it. The controls are there, press X to start them going.

Halo 2 Walkthrough

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