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Halo 2 Walkthrough
One Way Ticket

You get a few flying drones to kill, then a gondola comes out to meet you half-way with enemies on it. Both stop for the fight (convenient!) and then start going again when you kill them all. Checkpoint. Now snipe the turret guys as you approach, pointing at their heads. Make sure you get any loose guys before they run to the turrets. When you land, run into the lower area. Go right and kill a few more enemies for Checkpoint.

Look down into the hole to see a full car of enemies coming up. Kill everyone in the elevator, then hop into it from the back. Press X to start it going, you should have 2 good guys with you. The elevator goes down then into the water.

You hear that Regret has sent a message of apology to Mercy and Truth, two of his fellow leaders. He wants them to forgive him for jumping the gun, he didn't know the humans were there on Earth. Cortana finds this odd, that Regret would not know. The elevator comes out of the water and up again. Checkpoint.

You go down a short hall with grunts, checkpoint. Then up a ramp, left and right, Checkpoint. Now there is a HUGE fight in a big area. There are two waves with two checkpoints. Just find a corner to protect yourself in and snipe at them one by one. They drop plenty of weapons for you to gather up. When you're set, checkpoint. Go through the door and down the hall, taking out mroe enemies. An invisible guy comes, then go out and around to the elevator. Press X to start it up, checkpoint.

You head into th ewater again. Cortana says that Charity and Truth replied to Regret. That "your haste has threatened our grand design". Cortana says that we might be doing Truth a favor by taking out Regret. Checkpoint. Shoot a few guys and now you're outside, checkpoint.

Kill all the guys, and you are dropped a fresh supply of friends and weapons. Gather up your gear!

Follow the stone road down to the ruins. An enemy dropship comes, kill everyone for a checkpoint. Now another gondola comes, pointing at the main temple. Hop onto it for a checkpoint. You hear that the captain is at the library but some sort of barrier is blocking her. Get the rocket launcher and shoot down the banshees that come for you, then shoot the gondola guys that come near you.

As you approach the temple, you see a MASSIVE invasion group warp in overhead. Cortana has never seen a group this large. You have to kill Regret before that horde can stop you.

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