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Halo 2 Walkthrough
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Shoot your way onto the temple grounds. You get a quick checkpoint. You're told that multiple waves of phantoms are inbound and you don't have much time. Kill the guys within, checkpoint. The next room has a BIG fight so stock up on supples including the fuel rod cannon. My technique in here requires the sword, fuel rod cannon and lots of grenades. Sword all of the enemies and toss grenades at the elites. Go back below in the first room to restock when necessary. You should get a checkpoint about halfway through.

Then it's just you and Regret. Pull out the fuel rod, but it doesn't do much damage. You'll need to then go close and leap on him with the sword and bash him. Once you do, you're told that you need to leave.

There's a cut scene of you running away while a massive white beam blasts the temple. You fall into the water and fall downwards, but are caught by a tentacle that takes you away.

Halo 2 Walkthrough

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