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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Uncomfortable Silence

First, a cut scene. It's Covenant Holy City, High Charity. You see the Arbitor coming in while a takeover is ongoing. The hierarch is dead, and the elites threatened to resign. They talk about Halo. How do you start the process? They found the Oracle (i.e. Guilty Spark) and it showed us the key. They want you to retrieve the Sacred Icon and bring salvation to all. "We begin the great journey". The Arbitor asks, "Who was the human who killed Regret?" Of course it's the Demon (master chief).

This is a piston happy level. Start out by pressing X to activate the piston and leap into the hole. DO the same thing into a seconed area. Checkpoint. Now move across the room to a third piston and do it again. There are no enemies yet. Checkpoint.

Now there are flying mechs to shoot and the grunt says "Arbitor! Our savior! Jackal - say thank you!" :) Very cute. Turn left and go down a long way to the bridge. "Approaching shield generator" says the voice, and I always think of Star Wars when I hear that. Go to the end, and use the piston. Checkpoint. Go across the room, piston and you're told "olverload the locks".

Go low and behind the wall there, poke out to watch the big flying shielded guardian and shoot at it when its back is turned. Hide when it's pointing at you. This takes a while but it'll eventually die. Now go to each of the four pillars and press x by them to remove the locks. Didn't this architect read the rule that all devices must come in sets of THREE? Sheesh. Now you're told to remove the power source from its cradle. Go to the center of the room and press X. Checkpoint and the elevator moves.

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