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Halo 2 Walkthrough
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This level involves a LOT of fighting. If you aren't good at it yet, replay some of the previous missions. Only pure skill will get you through this, because there are so many enemies. You have to be able to have a good aim and conserve your ammo.

Ride the platform into the library. Flying mechs are in there - shoot them, stay on the top then run beneath for a checkpoint. There are more mechs, kill them, checkpoint. Now you have to kill a sentinel. Hop over th eledge into the next room for a checkpoint.

You can really get bogged down in this next area. Run along the left side hopping the ledges and moving very quickly - you can get to the piston and checkpoint before anyone can catch or touch you. Go into the piston and across the next room fast too, get to the next piston for a checkpoint. You hear humans calling for supressive fire. Move around to the left, checkpoint.

The next room is long and full of flood, flying mechs, big head exploding guys, and more. Just run for it to the other end with a piston. Use the shoot and retreat gambit if you have to, to get through tough areas. Checkpoint. Now you've got another shielded guy, blast at it for a long time to slay it, then go up to the piston. Checkpoint.

Now you're in a large warehouse full of nasty flood with no easy checkpoint. Just keep working your way along the green beam line to the bridge with a glass bottom. When you make it there, checkpoint. Go left at the end of the bridge then run forward and right to a second bridge. Checkpoint. At the end go left and run forward. You hear "negative ma'am" from the humans. Run forward and left, to get to the piston and checkpoint. There's a second piston, go down again for another checkpoint.

Now you're in a hangar area. The piston is in the center - jumpin and slide down to hear fighting. There are nasty amounts of flood here. Shoot needles from the ceiling first if you can and then leap in to shoot them. Your ship is out there flying around. Go to the antennae on the right for supplies, and a checkpoint. More flood come in now, use the piston in the center for a long slide out.

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