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Halo 2 Walkthrough
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Another shield ship is in the sky, and more enemies are below. Take out the various forces and then go down a spiral ramp to find yes more enemies. Two tunnels go in to the same checkpoint area.

The next area is rather large, go down the sliope and snipe the far away guys. Then ghost along on the rest of them. If you're not good enough with the ghost to get that to work, another technique is to keep going invisible and run along on foot - go right across the bridge, then left and left again, and forward into the tunnel and cave. Either way, checkpoint.

Now you're in an open area with a wraith and scorpion. Kill everything,t hen go to the tiny crevice in the wall that is too narrow for your fun vehicles to fit in. Go up the blue tunnel there for a checkpoint.

You see a fight going on through the windows, with lots of flying mechs and a shield guardian. Wait until you figure it's time to step in and then blast away whoever is left. Checkpoint. Go in, and now more flood and flyers appear of course. Kill them and head left, checkpoint. You get a tunnel out to the sunlight, checkpoint.

There's a shield guardian in the sky here and the flying mechs, as well as ground troops. A little of everything. By now you should be an expert slayer and just blast away at them all, taking them out. Gather up ammo and weapons.

Head along up the brown tunnel, checkpoint. You reach an inner area with square block construction, and yes checkpoint. A few more flood show up to play with. Go up the ramp and along to an area with boxes. There are more flying mechs here, kill them and get a checkpoint. Now move out into the snow again. There are a few flood, watch out for incoming barrages. When you get up to the tunnel area, checkpoint.

Guys on warthogs and ghosts are out here - some are friend, some are foe. Shoot whoever shoots at you first, and get a checkpoint. Go up the slope to the right for another checkpoint. A shield guardian will be in the sky, and then a second. When you are done with them, go around the pit to the left and hop in the scorpion. Blast away and go to the building, checkpoint. You now have unlimited ammo so have some fun! Push through the boxes. When everone is dead, a door opens in the center of the left wall, too small for the scorpion to drive through. No fair!

Go in teh door, down the concrete corridor and get to a glass stairs and bridges area. You get a cut scene with two guys. One says he'll deal with the intruders. The gondolas sail on over towards the buildig, and your pals say they'll try to keep the flood off your back. You must not let the humans get the icon.

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