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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Inside Job

You see a big celebration going on in the land of the Covenant. It is the time to rejoice - the sacred icon is found. Unfortunately, things are about to get a bit exciting in Covenant-land. The Master Chief appears in the middle of the holy temple area. Your job - to locate the Prophet of Truth and the Index (key / icon).

This is a SUPER long mission so be prepared for the long haul. It's going to require a lot of shooting skill.

Shoot out a bunch of the little grunts that come at you. Isn't this a bit too easy? "Demon has entered the council chambers" - checkpoint. As you approach the door at the end of the hall, a few more enemies come from the door to the right. Slay them - checkpoint - go to the door.

Now two slayer things come from the back of the room and one comes from up above. Turn around and mow them down with high powered ammo. Cortana asks to be put on a pedestal near the door. Go to the red V door and buy a pedestal. "Truth has the index." She works on the door for you. Checkpoint. Go through the door, checkpoint. Now you're in a big hall with enemies at the far end. If you stay down low they won't come at you - just keep firing and staying back.

When you get to the end of the room there's a huge chamber with a beam of light. "Right this way" says Cortana. Go left for a weapons stash. Then head forwards Into the Light.

Truth is in lower levels of tower. checkpoint. Step into the grav lift to be brought to the next level. Kill a few enemies - then go through the door and around the wall. "Slay the demon on sight" they say. Another door - checkpoint. Slay a few more guys - checkpoint.

"Wait a minute - I'm reading marine IFA transponders ... below your position". Work oyour way along the hallways - "Another lift in the next room".

There's a lot of great weapons in here but also a fair number of enemies to slay. When you're ready, jump down to the lower level. "Jump In" she says. "There are two groups of marines in this detention block". checkpoint. Slay all the enmies where you land - checkpoint - and get another call from Cortana to go to the lower level. You'll see a purple glowing spot in one of the nooks to take you down.

There's more ammo down here to gather up - go on the purple spot to go down from here. There's a few enemies on this level. Checkpoint. Go down the tunnel and you hit a small room with a lot of guards in it. You can hang out behind the door and snipe them as it opens and closes. The marines jump out when they hear you. Now you and the marines move along to the ammo area - checkpoint. "Come to the middle level, chief" - hop into the blue thing and go back up. Clear out this level for another checkpoint. Now go into the cell on this level and shoot everyone. Bring those marines up to the main level. Checkpoint.

"We'll get out of here the same way we came in - the central grav lift." Of course hostile reinforcements come down the lift, so you have to slay them. When you're done, "The lift is clear". Now you hear Truth broadcasting. "Fear not, my brothers, the icon is secure. It was Tartarus and the Brutes that took the icon and for that they deserve our thanks" Now a swarm of enemies come in at you. "Truth is just outside this tower," says Cortana. Checkpoint.

Truth says "The brutes now lead our fleets - they ask for your allegiance and you shall give it to them." You keep fighting your way through the enemies. You go down hallways and through doors, fighting, fighting. Eventually you reach an outside area. This is tough. Kill the elite with a sword then go right and jump in the beam to go up. Snipe everyone from here. When they're dead, go forward and right, and along to the door. Go in to hear that the covenant is destroying their own ships. checkpoint.

Go through another door - hear of a ship crashing. checkpoint. Into the blue beam to slide forwards. Now there are factions fighting each other - take them out and then go 'around the ring' to take them on by the canal on the other side. Checkpoint. Flying drones come around at you. Hide and wait for the guys to slay each other, snipe them while they do. Take the slider again. Checkpoint.

You hear the minister talking again. Move along to more in-fighting. More doors, another slider. Swords and weaopns are nicely available here. Checkpoint. More Truth talk. Kill them all, checkpoint. Go forward to another slider. A door opens - checkpoint. Lots of badguys are up the stairs with killer weapons. Get up through the door, and you are in an outdoor area and hear a lot of fighting. Work your way around slowly, letting them slay each other.

Go around to the right then to the middle, then up the hill to the left. Two invisible sword guys are waiting there for you. Fight through some more enemies and get to a door for checkpoint. Fight to the inner lower area to elevator up to the higher level. Cortana is cheerful. "We need to take a shortcut - straight through the masoleum. Look on the bright side - for now they seem much more interested in killing each other!"

You fight your way up a long hallway. When you cross the middle point, a horde shows up to slaughter you. Make sure you grab the turret to be able to hold them off. Checkpoint. There's a big fight in the next room, the masoleum itself. Cortana quips "You might consider sitting this one out." The rock music comes in.

Kill them on - pick up commander and Johnson. They'll need our help. Gather up weapons and ammo to prepare. Invisible guys will come into this room - keep an eye out for them. Hear that flood is rampant.

see video of white haired guy and two elites with your two friends. They're goingto truth. He talks to the chieftain. "My hope is strong - I will not fail you" - the flood come and attack. One gets Truth. "Let him be" says the darker minister, saying to let the white minister die.

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