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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Oh, So That's How It Is

Now you're the Arbitor, and apparently on Halo - full of grass and rock. You're shooting down enemy covenant forces. Work your way down the garden path. Birds chirp, the sun shines. Enemies fire weapons. When there groups try to weaken one before killing the last - the last guy often goes berzerk. They call out things like "He's still just an elite, kill him!"

When you get through the first two waves - checkpoint. You hear talk of a prophecy. You meet up with your buddy with a sword and follow him into the buildling. Head on up to where the enemies are, up by the antennae.

Work your way through the buildling, slaying as you go. Checkpoint. You have some massive fights to deal with - stay back as much as you can and snipe around the edges.

Soon you're back outside.

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