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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Fight Club

This is a circular area where you and your ghost are down below and the enemies are up above. Shoot as many as you can from the top of the waterfall and then head on in. Even though the target won't be red, you can still shoot them from up here. A big tank will come in after you - zap it. Keep sliding left and right to minimize the damage to your ghost. There's a second tank in the other room - try to get into a spot where his big blue blasts are deflected by the arch bridge.

Clear everything out and now hop out of your ghost and walk up the path. Checkpoint. Go around the left edge and gather ammo behind the area. More enemies come from further along the path. checkpoint in weapons room.

Fight your way through and then go back arond to the ammo room to checkpoint. Kill them all - "Victory!"

You see the tank come over at you and your pal comes out. "The councellors - are they ..?" "Murdered by the brutes" "The prophets were fools to trust them".

You see the white haired guy show up somehwere with the two humans. Now you see Master Chief lower down to a platform where purple ships are taking off, towards the bright white light. You ask about the prophet who is being eaten. You save the prophet from the Flood. "Truth is heading straight towards the forerunner ship." She wants to detonate the ship to blow up Halo.

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