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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Cross Purposes

You watch as a big spaceship comes in and lands, and Covenant get off of it. Flood-controlled dropships start appearing everywhere - Cortana says that the tentacled creature was using you, trying to delay you for a while. Lots of Flood start to attack and she tells you to get back inside. "Amber Clad was always its intended vector".

Kill a wave of flood - checkpoint. The center area has the dropship that is downed, fill up on ammo in it. Now go to the door on the side of the central area. Checkpoint. Flag-bearing covenant are in here. Cortana chimes in with "We don't have time for this, chief". Oh right, you can just ask them to let you through :) When you get to the next door it reminds you to press the white button for your flashlight - it's pretty dark in here.

Go along to the blue up-elevator. It's a long way up. "I'll disable this lift once you reach the top" says Cortana - she likes cutting off your retreat routes :) The Minister says "The Flood, too, shall fail. Shall we let the flood turn High Charity into one of their wretched hives?" Cortana says a presence is in the ship fighting her - "I'll do what I can to slow the launch sequence ... For a Covenant construct it's unusually formidable". You see a heated battle going on outside. A beam rifle will be good to have at this point. You can easily snipe from here.

Go upstairs and you take a path to the center. You have to go left on the slider, and fight through the enemy. The door opens for hiding behind but doesn't lead you anywhere. Now step on the blue circle here to slide along to the next spot. checkpoint. You're now opposite wher eyou began. Flying guys come out from behind you, take them down. Go back along the path to the control area, and you get a few more flood. Checkpoint.

Go through the pair of doors.

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