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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Your Ass, My Size - 24 Hoof

You're back to being the Arbitor again. You and your pal are going to get the key which you now realize must be stopped from turning. It's most fun to hop into the turret spot and do all the shooting with the little bike. Shoot away everything for a checkpoint. A big ship comes over from the left and shoots at you. Head towards it - checkpoint. As you move around past it you run into a collection of tanks and foot soldiers - weave around so that you aren't hammered.

Shoot a bunch more guys :) You'll get to the door behing the tanks - checkpoint. You hook up with a bunch of friends who will give you support. Grab some ammo along the way and then head into the long hall chamber. There's a ramp up to the right. You'll get up to a platform ara - keep fighting through more enemies with whatever is left of your team, moving from area to area.

Go along the stone tunnel into an L room with glass floors - checkpoint. You're on a long concrete bridge with more enemies. Get through there. You end up in a two level room with ammo stockpiles. There are three little guard on the top lefel around the corner, plus a lot of heavy hitters in the lower center. The real key here is to be patient. Just pick them off one by one, hide, regroup.

You find a cell room with lots of biddies locked up, but you can't get them out. You also have many non-opening doors in here. When you reach the top - you see Johnson talking to the Arbitor. "Grab a banshee and give me some cover" says Sgt Johnson.

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