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Halo 2 Walkthrough
Delusions and Grandeur

Land and go through the broken door. You end up in a strange multi-layered room with tunnels beneath glass floors. Sneak around and lob up some grenades. Slay them all, checkpoint. More samurai banner wielding enemies will come in, take them out too. Move on to the next room with white lights in it. You har the white guy tell the woman to put th ekey in. The Oracle tells him to be careful with the key.

"Thaderous, stop", you say. "And disobey the hierarchs?" You're told it's heresy. You ask the Oracle what Halo's purpose is. "Please, don't shake the light bulb". "What happened to the forerunners," They all died as planned. "The brutes, not the elites, shall be the prophets henceforth" says Thaderous as he forces the woman to put th ekey into Halo. A great beam comes out. Checkpoint.

Shoot everyone and then leap over to the central area. You're fighting Chieftain Thaderous with his hammer and super shield. The Oracle and woman talk back and forth about how to shut down the Halo weapon. There are three levels to this center area - he tends to fight on the center level.

If you're hit even once, you're dead. You need to wait for Johnson to get the Chieftain to drop his shields, then go in for two sword hits. Then run away and wait for it to happen again. This is all about patience and timing. If you try to rush, you'll be hit and slain.

Eventually when you kill him, you see the woman run for the key and grab it out. The big beam of light blasts out into space from Halo towards a glowing ball. An explosion happens but Halo and the planet near it is intact. Johnson floats down with the oracle. The oracle says that the beacon is sent - and that all other Halos are now set up for remote activation. He is asked where that remote activation takes place from "Why, the ark, of course." She asks, "And where, Oracle, is that?" But the scene ends here.

Master chief comes back in to the Earth area and is asked what he's doing on that ship. "Sir, finishing this fight."

What an awful ending! This is worse than the first game. No sense of satisfaction, no completion. Just another giant mess that is left unfinished.

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