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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Ghost Town

You start out in Warthogs and join up with your marines by a door. You've lost all your weapons from before. If you go up the stairs you get into an overlook area wher eyou can snipe at the enemies from above. Clear them out and open the door.


You get a new mass of enemies including shield guys. Keep under cover and blast them away. Move on to the next door.


"Halo 2-3, this is forward unto Don. I need a sit-rep, Commander." "Atmospheric disturbances are intensifying over the area, General." "Sierra 117?" "He's moving as fast as he can, Commander. I know he'll get it done."

You're outside in the rain now, amongst various boxes and loading equipment. If you grab a ghost here you can blast away and move up and down with ease. There are positions you can sit in where you can shoot at the big tanks but they can't shoot back at you.

When the first one is down, move forward to get to the next one. You can't get a Wraith into the inner area but you can certainly shoot a few volleys into there first!

Head on in and start firing away. Clear the first area.


When you open the big doors, a mass of flying drones and such come down from above. Shoot them down.

"I have defied gods and demons," says Cortana.

There are rocket launchers by the door. You find a bunch of Mongooses (Mongeese?). Head outside. There are another group of enemies to destroy here. The rocket launchers make quick work of the enemies.

"Both AA rigs have been neturalized. Stand by."

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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HALO: The Fall of Reach
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