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Halo 3 Walkthrough

"Scarab - find some cover - now!"

A big walking monster comes into the area. It's sort of spider-like. It's a Scarab tank. It fires large, blue plasma balls of doom. Be careful about falling off the cliff while you dodge them!

Jump onto it, then go inside. There's a circular "power core" inside it - blast away a few times then jump off and the entire thing blasts in a giant ball. You want to be well clear of it when it does.

"Well done, Chief."

Now there's an AA gun in the next area. A pelican comes in and dropps off the Arbiter.

Cortana says "I am your shield - I am your sword."

You hit an ammo area. Stock up with items. Go around to the arbiter location.


You're fighting in an interior hangar area with skylights. Work your way through the boxes, shooting down carefully at the enemies, from cover. You get back outside again.


"Chief, flood ships are closing fast." Move in and blast away. You have to get under it, there's a thing that opens and closes, when it opens blast away. You get a victorious cut scene of all your ships flying in.

"All ships - fire at will."

A bit blue burst of light comes out from the center of the ground, while metal plates rise up towards the sky.

"This is the way the world ends," says Cortana.

Master chief shakes his head and stands. There's a big blue ball in the sky.

"What did Truth just do? DId he activate the rings?" "No sir, but he certainly did something." "Sir, new contact slipping in." - a smoking vehicle flies into the area and crashes.

"What is it - more brutes?"


blue loading screen.

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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