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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Infinite Devil Machine

"Do not be afraid. I am peace. I am salvation." says the thing you are within.

Work your way along his insides. Do you feel like you're in a Star Wars episode?

"Join your voice with mine and sing victory everlasting."

Cut scene - you see Cortana.

"Charity - the Prophet's holy city is ..."

"Reclaimer" says a glowing blue floating ball. He claims he wants to make repairs to her.

"Protocol dictated my response. You did destroy my installation. Now I have only one function. To help you. As I always should have done."

Yeah, right. You're sucked up in a tractor beam.

"This storage device has suffered significant trauma"

"Is on its way to earth with an army of flood. I can't tell you everything. The grave mind ... but he doesn't know about the portal, where it leads. On the other side there's a solution. A way to stop flood without firing the other halo rings." She's zapped. "Hurry chief - the arc, there isn't muc time."

"Our fight is through the portal."

"Fine. We'll remain here, hold out as long as can."

They argue about what to do. "Her solution could be a flood trap." "This is humanity's final stand. If we go, we risk everything. Every last man, woman and child."

"No," says the arbiter.

"I'll find Cortana's solution, and I'll bring it back," you say.

All the various troops work together to prepare.

Blue loading screen.

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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HALO: The Fall of Reach
Looking for a great book about Halo? This tells the story of the Human-Covenant War and the SPARTANs that were key in the fight. It's a book version of the game! A must-have for any HALO fan.

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