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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Installation 00

"Shipmaster - they outnumber us three to one." "All ships fire at will. Burn their mongrels hides."

The ship is heading down - get an achievement, 30g - Achievement. "Check it out - in the sky - is that?" "Focus - we've got a job to do."

Run along with a couple of marines, through a sandy landscape with rocks. "Chief - eyes on." Snipe at the enemies from above. Cut through where they were and get to a second spot with a ship circling around above your head, carrying an AA battery. When you kill the nasty hostiles there, a ship drops off more nasty guys with green guns. When you kill them, a wave comes out of a cave mouth up on a hill. When you kill them, you get to go in the cave mouth.

"Chief - I'm giving the brutes all that I've got. Find me a place to set her down."

You go through a few doors and find a terminal on the left. It says the position will be overrun in 9 hours. Then it says they will cause cataclysm on as many as 31 worlds. Then there's a emssage about "come back inside - come home". The response is that the librarian needs to protect and index innocents. "If you will not come to me, I will find my way to you." It's the Librarian and Didact talking to each other. They are filling vessels and sending them to the Ark. "I'm close. close to saving them all." A goes forward, X goes back through the conversation. B exits.

Forward goes out again.


Kill the enemies out in the sandy area, slow and steady. Hop into your favorite vehicle and move on forward - you'll go over a ledge that you can't return past.


Fire at the enemies up on the ledge against the building. Clear out the area.

"Commander - bring her down." "Roger that - beginning my descent."


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