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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Real Men Don't Read Maps

Spark floats along with you, guiding you. Move down, left, through an archy tunnel. It's pretty one-way along this route. Left and down another level. You reach a room with the little, annoying fiends.


You reach a door that opens as you approach, into a room with a number of nasty guys. "My housing is quite robust," says Spark. You get out to the other side. "Tremendous. The cartographer. It awaits your approval."

"That's our galaxy. We're beyond the rim."

"This is the arc?"

"Can you tell where we are exactly?"


"The barrier will be difficult to disable."

A phantom comes flying in.


"Get back inside while we take them out."

When you go in, you hear the pelican will land one level down. The first room you enter has a number of hefty enemies, take cover and snipe at them one at a time. When the room is clear, head on down. You get into a room with a purple beam shooting across its center. There's a door on the opposite wall, leading to a ramp pair to go into the lower part of that room. Watch for the cloaked guys.

A new doorway leads you to the outside world, with lots of enemies. "Hang tight, Chief, we're on our way." Stay high and out of the way. The guys below are nasty so snipe at them one at a time, drawing them out if you must.

"Stand by for pickup!"


"Don't shoot - they mean us no harm!"

You get onto the ship and fly out over the waterfall.

Blue loading screen.

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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Looking for a great book about Halo? This tells the story of the Human-Covenant War and the SPARTANs that were key in the fight. It's a book version of the game! A must-have for any HALO fan.

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