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Halo 3 Walkthrough

"We hit these three generators, and the barrier will fall?"

"A small section, yes."

"Good enough."

"Johnson, drop the Chief at the first generator, then head to the third. The Elites will hunt right down the middle."

Another Pelican crashes and you go down hard as well. "Brace yourselves - we're going in a little hot!"

Achievement - 30g - Refuge. You're on a grassy beach with pine trees. You get a cool new weapon here, a red laser blast. You only get five shots with it.

One of your friends calls out that she "Lost my wingman and my only hog. Over"

Shoot away at the enemies here, staying under rocky cover and poking your head out cautiously to snipe them. It's not a challenge as much as it is an exercise in patience. Move a little forward.


Move forward against the Wraith, and you get "beachhead secure". You're told to hold position. "Shipmaster - begin bombardment". They say they'll beat the Prophet ship like a drum. Warthogs are dropped for you. We prefer to be gunner rather than driver, but go on your own preferences.


Drive along a bit until you reach the ghosts, then hop out. Ghosts are great fun to drive :) Go forward to the turret and blast away. We also love unlimited ammo. Unlimited ammo is your friend.


"The arbitor and the elite have touched down at number 2" - your pals are making progress as well.

Keep going forward on the ghost. You'll go under a log bridge, along a forest path. Images of Galadriel sparkle in your mind. You get only mild resistance for a while. Try to shoot out the guys so that you have extra healthy Ghosts around for your use. Then BOOM you start getting bombarded. You can shoot the tank from up here and easily dodge the incoming blasts. Alternately, if you like a bit more challenge, drive down to face it and you can take out the guys individually.

"Chief - you've got to off-line that tower! Get inside that tower. Take it down!" Once you're down there, take out the turret and other incidental foes. The bikers are zippy but if you hang back a little it's a matter of timing to kill the operators. Now take the ghost into the entry way.

Soon you hit a door that you have to walk through. You can strafe a bit through the door with your ghost first though :) Move in slowly to the big room - there are numerous enemies all around in here. Snipe them from the entry area. There's ammo to the left of the entry area if you need it. Move forward to the opposite door.


In the next room, go up the ramp into a hallway with a large enemy. Bash him -


You reach an elevator. Make sure you are very prepared before you do this, load up on ammo and be fully healthy. You get a checkpoint as you reach the top of the lift ride. Try as much as humanly possible to lure these guys to you one by one, and be very careful with how you treat each one. Putting a shield to one side of the entry area can help to minimize your weak sides. Again, patience is key.

"Chief! Find the tower controls and shut it down!" Right, because you've just been sightseeing here, playing with some friends. At the far end of the room behind where the bad guys were is the shield deactivation button. "Good job Chief, that's one." The Arbiter does his job - but Johnson is pinned down and needs help. Go back to the elevator. You're told you have to link up with the Arbiter and help out. So really your entire task now is to retrace your steps back to where you landed.

There isn't much resistance, go outside and hop into the Warthog. This one has no turret, and the ghosts are gone. You can run if you want to take the slow route. There are hornets waiting for you on the beach. Hop into one - checkpoint.

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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