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Halo 3 Walkthrough
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You're up in the air in your hornet, dogfighting with a variety of enemies. There's a wraith down on an island to slay. You want to focus on the big floating enemy that looks sort of like a jellyfish without tentacles :) The nose turret makes a good aiming point. Your left trigger launches missiles.

"No sign of Johnson or his team" reports a soldier. "Chief, clear a LZ and then get inside the tower," commands your commander :) Shoot away, trying not to be distracted by the pretty snow-laced cliffs and pine trees. There's another wraith down at the base of the tower. Shoot it down to the thundering epic music.

Shoot down at the individual forces in the area to clear them out, mopping up the area.


Now that the landing zone is clear, everyone begins to land. You should too. You'll see the Arbiter is down below waiting for you. Start heading down and in the corridors. There's a group of enemies so peer carefully around the corners to take them out in small bits. Note that the elites are ON YOUR SIDE so be careful about who you are shooting :)

A bunch of drones await you in the next area with the Luxor-like laser beam to the sky. There are also a few beefier enemies. Again, work on one at a time, taking cover, until they're all eliminated. Note that your elites won't go with you up the next elevator so it's good to lure them into as much combat as you can here, to take advantage of their help.


Another hall like on the other tower - but only a few guys defend it here. Still, some of them are invisible and some have quite powerful weapons, so don't just go running in hell-bent. Take your time, focus on one at a time and take them out. "Hit the switch, chief, and the barrier will fall!" calls out the ever-helpful Commander Keyes.

Hit the switch. "Now, Prophet, your end has come". "High Charity - by the Gods - brace for impact!" A rock comes flying in and now Floods are everywhere. Oh yes, we missed those guys. Run back to the elevator - your little floodling friends are re-animating the dead enemies. You hear that the ship has had significant damage. "Why would the parasite come here?" "Priority - we must contain this outbreak!" Your aim here is to flee out, not necessarily to fight.

Run down to the warthogs and Scorpion.


"I need you to take down Truth. Punch through the cliffs. Get inside the Citadel."

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