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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Walk It Off

You're following along behind the arbiter. You walk a short way, then checkpoint. You reach your first enemies, to learn how to shoot. It's very simple, more of a shooting test than anything else. You climb over a ledge, jump down a cliff. A wolf howls. Go up a few ledges and around a pond.

"That sounded close"
"too close ..."

C'mon, you knew he would say "too close" :). On you go. "Johnson be advised - hostiles on the move."


You see a big shape up ahead - "Sgt Major - phantom inbound" ... "If we stay together we'll be spotted"


Cross the river and go right. You hear an enemy say "spread out - find them" Up ahead is a single group of enemies. They yell out "bad guys!" Shoot them - it's pretty easy, they are still pretty much training you here - and go forward.


Move left around a big log in the water. Go forward, and a few ships lower down to attack you. Note if you can get two brute-shot grenades at one of the turrets, you can now weild it, heh heh.

You're up against water now - work your way around to the left and keep shooting. Enjoy the scenery - there are gorgeous mountains in the background.


Fight a few more enemies ahead - nothing too challenging yet.


Move along left to a red flare. Go through the little tunnel and ahead.


Get out the other side


I'm happy to have checkpoints, but this is getting a little silly :)

"Sleepers! Take them out - nice and quiet." This is more training. You have to sneak up behind them and hit B to knock them out while they're unaware. "Jackals on the ridge, looks like they have carbines." Get a few this way, then jump down and enter the firefight.

"The guys are on route, Chief, but I can't raise Bravo. You find them, you get them to the extraction point."


Time to escalate a bit - you now get a bunch of weapons like the needler. Go along a high path and then down into a lower area under some trees.


Time for some new enemies. You run into guys with shields and have to learn how to shoot more carefully.

"Don't relax yet" says a guy. "The river, hurry!"

You reach more flares in a tunnel. "It's over - we did it!" You see little flashes of Cortana; she's saying "Could you sacrifice me to complete your mission? Could you watch me die?"


Head on into a cave.

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