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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Journey's End

Come around the first corner in your Scorpion to take out a small group of resistance. Keep going through the snowy, rocky tunnels. When you see a floating object ahead, it's best to shoot those :) "Brutes are mobalizing everything they've got." Toast some ghosts.

A couple of vehicles come at you - blast through them. Take out turrets, wraiths, random little enemies as you go. None are really a match for you. Try not to fall off the cliff :) "Hornets, inbound!" You want to now hop out and get into a hornet for easy fighting. Now two Scarabs show up. First, shoot for the legs to get them to drop and stand still. Then shoot into the blinking back area to finish it off. Once it goes to red, the death countdown has begun :)

"Both scarabs down, well done" congratulates Keyes. Move on to mopping up any remaining guys. "Chief, Spark has found a way into the Citadel." Fly down to join him and the Arbiter.


"The prophet will die by my hands, not theirs," says the Arbiter. Go across the light bridge into the opening. You begin in a long hallway. You see Cortana. "It asked and I answered. For a moment of safety, I loosed damnation on the stars."

"My faithful, stand firm. Our enemies stand around us. We treat the blessed path. All we shall be saved." You see Johnson is being beaten up.

Johnson and the bad guys have a little argument until Keyes lands in to help. Keyes tries to save him but can't - so she is thinking of shooting Johnson but is needled in the back. Now they activate a series of light rings - which lead to the Flood, Arbiter and Master Chief all talking ...? The flood want you to help them!!

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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HALO: The Fall of Reach
Looking for a great book about Halo? This tells the story of the Human-Covenant War and the SPARTANs that were key in the fight. It's a book version of the game! A must-have for any HALO fan.

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