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Halo 3 Walkthrough

I really wanted to play AS the flood - but here we are playing WITH the flood, which I suppose is interesting. The flood apparently do have some self preservation thoughts and don't want the rings to destroy them.

So now your task is to dodge the glowing blue missiles of doom, shoot the enemy Covenant forces, protect the little Flood friends. Dodging the blue missiles is really the key thing to pay attention to here, and to move along slowly so you don't end up engaging too many enemies at once.


"How could I know that the parasite would follow? Undoubtedly this is the heretic's doing! A final evidence of treachery" says the Prophet.

The next room has flying guys, big guys, grenades lobbing overhead ... move down the row, sniping and dodging. Through the door.


"So far we are along the path that I must strain to hear the clumsy patter of their pursuit. Know this, my brothers, they may foul the way with their charred and broken bones ... but they will not stop the journey." says the Prophet.

There are weapon piles left and right before you head into the next room, so always stock up before going forward.

You're in a large room with a pink glass window before you. You see the Arbiter up ahead. Extend the bridge.

You and he walk across the bridge in a cut scene. You see the Sgt Major cradling the body of the dead Commander Keyes. "Can you see Arbiter, the moment of salvation is upon us" says the Prophet. The Arbiter argues with him for a while, and the Master Chief turns off the weapon. The Arbiter kills the Prophet. Then .....


Tentacles come up from the ground and Johnson flies off with the body of Keyes. You and the Arbiter try to grab onto his ship but are flung off.


"I can barely keep hold of her, Chief! No way I can pick you up. Head back to the lift, find your way down," calls out Johnson.

Now the Flood, feeling safe again, are back out to munch on your bones. You have to run out the way you came in, killing the flood along the way. Don't stop to kill them, of course - just slay them when you have to wait for doors to open. Cortana adds in, "I'm a thief - but I keep what I steal."


go past the lift and drop down the hole behind it for a cut scene. You see a flashing image of Cortana ahead. "What do you see?" asks the Arbiter. She is leading you forward. You touch a screen and a bit doorway slides open. You see a giant construction rising up out of the ground. Spark shows up. You all decide to light up the ring to destroy the flood. "How will you light it?" asks the Arbiter.

blue loading screen.

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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