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Halo 3 Walkthrough

You see a cut scene of the Chief landing in a gooey, inside-of-the-beast type of area. "Cortana's in there somewhere," says Johnson. There are lots of Flood around, plus pumpkin-shaped growths on the walls that are bulging. Don't shoot those - they release a burst of Flood if you do.

Work your way down the corridor. In general you don't have to shoot the little Floods, just let them be.


You reach a room with an open floor and weapons. Never a good sign. Load up, then go down through the crevice. Fight a little and go through a door. "Child of my enemy - why have you come? I offer no forgiveness for father's sins passed to his son." says the beast you're walking inside.


In the next area, go down through the circular hole. Cortana is bent over, either laughing or crying in a flash. These next guys are really nasty so go slowly and carefully in here. Stay under cover, trying to take them on one at a time as much as possible. They also attack then retreat so they help you a bit with this. When you move forward you activate more, so stay back as much as you can, to take out the current set before you draw in yet more of them.

You'll reach a cavern area with a big glowing light object. The enemies in this room can morph from one shape into another, something which will either amuse you or madden you as you have to fight through them repeatedly. Again, the key is to draw back, peek around a corner and take them out in small groups. It'll take a while to get through all of the enemies in here, so be patient.

Work your way forward to the big lightning sea. You find a downed ship with a dead soldier. You can grab some weapons if you need to. When you're ready, put the blue channel to your right and press forward through the door.

"Of course - you came for HER. We are in this together now. Two corpses in one grave," says the body. Keep going, past more pumpkin shapes. You hear a woman's voice. "stolen thoughts and memories." "And yet a part of her remains ..." muses the body. "Ha ha ha ha ha" says Cortana.


Through the next door, head to the right. Lots of grenades and weapons in here, and some bigger enemies to fight. Finish them off and follow the pathway up to the left. You come to a hole ...


Hop into the hole. Red doors are locked. You move through several areas of very nasty enemies. There are turret-guys hanging on the walls. "Can I speak with you please?" says Cortana. "What's your name? It's very nice to meet you. You like games? So do I." Go up a corridor, reach 2 guys full of midgit-Floods then as you come out of that area ... "You're just like another shadow" ... more enemies to slay. Patience, calm is the key.

Now hop into the blue corridor to grab the flamethrower. It's a great weapon against everything except the turrets, which can be out of your range. "Just another shadow ... don't look at me, don't listen," says Cortana as you press forward. Don't get frustrated by this area. It's going to be hard. Be patient, go slowly, conserve your ammo. Don't sweep with the flamethrower - aim precisely and go for one shot, one kill.

There are side tunnels in the area and generally if you're in the side tunnels there is less risk of having an ungodly quantity of enemies shooting at you at once. Taking the high road where you can also helps out somewhat, but again, be cautious. Go slowly and be very aware of what enemies you "trigger" as you go.

When you kill all of the "important guys" here, you'll checkpoint. There's still plenty more of the room, but at least now you won't respawn with quite so many enemies. Move forward further, checkpoint. "Time has taught me PATIENCE - I will know all that I possess." Huh?


Go through a door into another room full of enemies, a kind of spiral room. There are sniper rifles right by the door so once you flamethrow the lower level, snipe a bunch of the remaining enemies to make your path clear before starting up. Make sure to make use of the cover as you work your way around and up. There are a few spots you have to jump over gaps in the path - jump with care!

Soon you near a door. Go through. You're in a darker area now. Cortana calls out, "I'm across the edge of the abyss. I have seen your future and I have learned ..." "Submit! Their atonement and my own!" calls out the beast. Go through a puddly water and a door.


You come into a gigantic metal room now. You have to go halfway around this room, torching the enemies that come after you. Note that we got "stuck in a wall" here and had to grenade ourselves to get free :) Darn bugs! Walk across the bridge to the middle when you reach it. There's an activation point for later, so ignore it for now. Continue across the rock bridge.


go out the metal door at the other end. Go down the metal cooridor. "no more envy" babbles Cortana. "You will show what she hides, or I will feast upon your bones!" orders the beast. Another metal door, a little room, a metal door - checkpoint

"This is UNSCA serial number xxxx I am a monument to ..." says Cortana

Go over to the glowing sphere. Hit B a few times. Cut scene. "You found me" she says. "So much feels wrong, out of place, it might be too late."

You say, "You know me. When I make a promise..."

"You keep it. I do know how to pick 'em."

"Lucky me. Do you still have it?"

She staggers to her feet.

"The activation index from the first halo ring. A little souvenier I hung onto just in case. No escape pod?"

"Thought I'd try shooting my way out. Mix things up a little."

He puts her back into his head.

"Just keep your head down. There's two of us in here now."


Halo 3 Walkthrough

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