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Halo 3 Walkthrough
The Way The World Ends

Aha! The infamous "race out while things collapse around you" mission!! "Of course, the frigate! We still have a chance!" claims Cortana. "Find the doorway in the cliffs, chief. The doorway is on the other side."

Work your way around the icy ledge You do in fact find a door. There are little floating enemies high and right in here, and flood down below. "Defeat is simply a sentence of time - a sentence I never deserved, but that you imposed." says the beast. Keep down the tunnel, checkpoint as you go, and soon you're at a warthog. Oh yes, it's time for a warthog race. There's no timer, and you have to drive.

You have a marker on the screen the entire time so it's not a matter of knowing where to go. Really, you don't have any enemies to kill. You mostly want to avoid running them over by accident so that your warthog doesn't flip. You'll have a series of flat areas followed by a series of circular tracks where you follow the red line. In between you get long straight tunnels with beams that fall from the ceiling.

You get checkpoints along the way, too, so you don't have to do the entire path if you run into trouble. Mostly it's about dodging the holes that appear in your path. I really wish there'd been a timer on this. It seems sort of anti-climactic if she is prodding you along for what seems no real reason.

You get a fun, big jump before "80% charged". Keep moving along. You hit 90% just as you can see the escape vehicle up ahead. You're going to have to gun it and aim right for the opening. "Gun it, Chief, jump! Floor it right into the hangar." Even if you jump perfectly, they make you roll the warthog wildly when it lands.

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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