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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Charlie Foxtrot

"We got company so hustle up!" You're at a river spot. All looks peaceful but ... "hold on - we got a contact." Now your air support goes down after Banshees come in. "Find Johnson's crashed pelican"

Kill off the enemies that still hang out here at the dock area. Work your way up onto the stone structure. Go along the water then down the other side. Next, go along the river on a high ledge. You're now on the other side of the dam.

"The banshees will return - hurry bacck into the junngle" says the arbiter.

A radio voice comes in. "Chief, can you hear me? My bird's down half a click downriver from your positon."


New enemies - "Jackals on the ridge - stay low. Looks like they've got carbines." You need to learn to be more patient and to aim and shoot. Take cover when necessary. Fight through them and out into an open, sunny area. You see an enemy ship here - shoot out the gunner, and it leaves.


Move forward and take out the remaining troops. You see the pelican. Move along to the right. There's a bubble shield here. Jump down to the ship and gather up weapons. There is lots of stuff around here.

"Echo 5-1, this is cortan. Prepare for emergency evac, over."

More enemies come in - shoot them. "Sgt major went this way, Chief - through the cave."

Go across a little bridge, then right to the red flares.


Head through a narrow little crevass. You'll see another ship over a big stone building dam area. Note this is going to be a BIG firefight. Don't really worry about saving ammo here, because when you are airlifted out, you restock everything.

Cut scene - the Sgt Major has been captured and is being beaten. The arbiter says to you, "See how they bait their trap?"


"Rescue Johnson and his squad"

First, snipe a bunch of guys from here. There'll be plenty more to take on in person. Work your way into the building through the openings and head across the dam where it says "A2"

Note it's easy to get "fear the pink mist" - a 5g unlock - here by sending a needler into a pink box.

There are lots of needlers. Note that there is both a high road and low road across the dam. This is the first spot it starts to get challenging. The enemy with handheld weapon is nasty, be cautious with him if you take the low road. Grenade him from afar, and grab his weapon.

When you get across, kill the remaining enemies and you find the sgt major. You take down his power shield and now it's time to head out. Of course, in come enemy ships. There are, luckily, lots of weapons here - shoot for the gunners.

"Stay alive - Pelican inbound!" You hear dialogue about a phantom.


Go up to the ship - you'll get an arrow if you wait too long. You also get verbal prods - "C'mon chief - Commander Keyes is waiting." This cut is going to reset your ammo and such, so just jump up in.

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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