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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Charlie Foxtrot - Ending

You are now on the ship flying down into a base. Your friends are calling over the radio. "Confirmed halo 2 3" "Request priority clearance, over."

"Sure - c'mon down."

The ship lowers down into a landing area.

"Sorry for the tight squeeze, Delta Commander." "Aces in the hole."

As you guys walk into the base, several of the soldiers look in amazement at your group.

"Hey - check it out!" "No way, a Spartan?" "For real? You better not be ..."

A female commander walks up. "Where'd you find him?" Sgt Major responds, "Cap'n - out back." She laughs. "Good to see you, Chief" You respond, "Likewise, ma'am."

She explains what is going on. "The Prophet of Truth ships breached the lunar perimeter and smashed what was rest of the home fleet. Subsequent casualties were ... extreme. Truth could have landed anywhere - he committed all his forces here. East Africa, the ruins of New M'basa. Then they started digging."

"What about halo?"

"We stopped it - but only temporarily. Now the Prophet of Truth is lookign for the Arc - where he'll be able to fire all the halo rings. If he succeeds - humanity, the covenant, every sentient being in the galaxy ..."

You respond, "The rings will kill us all."

A radio transmission comes in. "Good news, Commander Keyes?"

She responds, "As good as it gets, sir."

They begin talking strategy. "Truth ships are clustered above the excavation site. His infantry has deployed aa guns around the perimeter. If we neutralize one of the batteries, punch a hole through the troop's defenses ... I'll initiate a low level strike. I only have a handful of ships, Master Chief it's abig risk but I"m confident ... "

The power goes out. "Oh no, not again," moan the troops. But it's not a regular power outage. The enemies come on your line. "All of you vermin, cowering in the dirt. Thinking, what, I wonder ... that you might escape the coming fire? No. Your world will burn until its surface is but glass and not even your demon will live to creep, blackened from its hole ... The culmination of our journey - for your destruction is the will of the gods and I ... I am their instrument!"

The power comes back up.

Sgt Major comments, "Cocky bastard loves to run his mouth."

You ask, "does he usually mention me?"

Commander Keyes turns. "Give the order - we're closing shop." "We're about to get hit. The wounded - we're getting all of them out."

Sgt Major confirms. "If I have to carry them myself."

One of the soldiers asks, "Squad leaders are requesting a rally point - where should they go?"

Key dramatic music ...

"To war!"

Halo 3 Walkthrough

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HALO: The Fall of Reach
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