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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Know Your Role

20g landfall achievement unlocked

"Any of our birds squacking?

"No - man oh wait, phantoms closing on our position."

"We have a plan - let's make it happen."

Your new quest is to "secure perimeter defenses". Head down the stairs and over to the door.


Open the door. Go outside, up the red stairs across the platform. You hear an impact. Head up the next set of stairs. Go through a yellow grate area and over to another green door.

"Neutralize hostiles in the hangar"

You have to go right. There's a cute little mouse to the right of the grey area.

Commander Keyes comes on the radio. "Chief? Good. This channel is secure. The fire teams can't hold out forever."

Get to another green door. Open it. You'll see a jeep blow up.


There are enemies are in here, some with shields. Shoot them and move forward past loader vehicles, a truck cab. You reach another green door.

This is REALLY funny, stay to listen. 'Password please' They think you're held prisoner by a brute? The guys are arguing about opening the door. "But we need ammo!" your friend says. knock knock knock, they won't let you in.

Go back the other way. Go to the opening in the middle of the hall.

Go past the 7 on the wall.


Head right - into opening area with enemies and enemy ships. Now you're in a firefight.

"You guys can take a licking" - A ship lowers for you. You watch your guys all get onto the ship.

"Chief - ops center double time!"

Oh well, you don't go on the ship. Instead, you go back up the red stairs and out into the corridor, Follow the arrow to 7. Go on through to 8. Keep going past a big oil tanker thing. Head right.

Go through a doorway on the right. Go up the ramp and left.


Head left into the open doorway.

"Sir, this way!"

Great, now there are waspy things coming out of the vents.

"Drones - a whole swarm!"

Use short controlled bursts to take them out.

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