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Halo 3 Walkthrough
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Soldiers are talking about their new plan. "If I try to hook up a timer, it might go off all by itself." "Johnson - you might want to check that out." "Chief - a little going-away gift for the Covenant."

They're seting up explosives.

"Good luck everyone - see you on the last pelican out."

"Brutes have taken the barracks. Marines are trapped inside. Get to the barracks! Save those men! Escort them to the landing barrack for evac."

Go to a pair of green doors. Move forward to a bunch of big guys plus shields If you have rounds left for your turret you can get through this area pretty quickly. If not it's a real challenge. You can use the grav lift with X go to up to higher level, where there's a turret. Note that when you use a turret you can use B to pick it up and it becomes a limited turret. Leave it in place it'll shoot forever. In limited mode it has 200 rounds.

OK, go forward past the shields.


Go right - a drone comes out of a hole. The doors on the left don't work so this is it. Jump in the hole.

"You've been called apon to serve," says Cortana.

You're down in a red lined tunnel. Jump down again, then a third jump down into an open area by water. Your arbiter is here. Open the green door to the left. You hear the marines are being tortured. There are enemies here, go in and shoot at them.

When you clear out this area you're told there are more survivors.


Go to a green door. Go with the marines forward, then go right. Note a turret can be a third weapon for you.

"Commander, we lost the ops center. Brutes attacked in force. we're falling back to the hangar. Don't wait for us"

"Hold position, I'm not leaving without them."

Go to the elevator and activate it. You hear it coming down, then the doors open. Get everybody into it. when they're ready, go up in it.

"Ma'am, I've got movement. Brutes. Going out to the thrusters."

You are now in an open landing pad area with brutes with jet packs on. shoot them down. A ship comes down for you. Everybody jumps onto it.

"Brutes in the op center, they disarmed the bomb." "Chief - get back to the ops center, kill the brutes, disarm the bomb. I'll radio with another exit. good luck."

Great - so you don't go into the ship. Head up to the upper overlook area. You find a command center area full of toys to play with. Now go down the red stairs - follow the arrowy thing.

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