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Halo 3 Walkthrough
Last One Out Get the Lights

Keep going down ramps, pass various grenades.

Cortana says, "You'll be protectors of Earth and all the colonies."

You encounter some resistance. Head right through a door - there's a guy with a plasma turret. Then another one ahead. Work your way along from plasma cannon to plasma cannon, through a tube, through a door.

Now you're back in the ops center. There is heavy resistance here.

The enemies are chatting.

"We have taken the command center!"

"Have you discovered how they plan to stop me?"

Time to fight. Watch out for the green balls of death coming your way. Clear them out and ominous music begins.

"Arm that bomb!" you're told.

I really sensed a timer mission coming, a la the "run as fast as you can". Let's see. Look arond and gather up ammo. The bomb is the silver thing in the center. Hit it.

"That did it, Chief. We've got your exit - the service elevator in the hangar"

The lights start flashing; they go out and on again. Shoot, no timer! I was so sure, too. Go through the opening and into a caverny area. Head right and up little stairs, through the open door and right.

Cortana decides to distract you. "There will be a great deal of hardship ahead." Jeez, thanks!


Keep following right, around and down. Turn left at the flashing red light into a big open tunnel. There are tons of flying wasps but they're all ignoring you. Go right down the tunnel. The bad guys are all running away, they don't really have to be slain. Next head left through an open door - M70.

Cortana is back. "You will become the best we can make you."


Go through green doors into a big hangar. You'll see a ship flying out down into the lower area. Everyone is just running. Go down and right. "There isn't much time, Chief! Find that elevator!"

Go into the elevator and hit the button.

Cortana the ever-present: "This place will become your home."


Down it goes.

Fade to black.

Cortana the terminally depressed: "This place will become your tomb."

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