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Halo 3 Walkthrough
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You get an achievement - 20g holdout - for getting this far.

Keyes is on the radio. "Chief, please respond! What's your status, over. If you can hear me, find transport. Head to the town of bzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Your weapons are reinitiated. Use up arrow to use your flashlight. Go around to the left and through the open doors. You see warthogs here. climb in. "I'll get the door, sir" says one of your helpful buddies.

A big door opens up for you.


Ride down through a twisting cavern lit with red flares. You get a short training section with no enemies.


You reach a set of anemies, shoot awy. Guys on the ground join you. You reach a door through to the outside world

"Conserve ammo - run 'em over!"

Use the left trigger to power slide. There are more little guys - shoot them down.


Keep going forward, kill a few more guys


"Chief - still can't get the commander. Coms are a mess. Get some distance betwen us and the base, brutes are going to be looking for survivors."

Keep driving forward, through little pockets of resistance.


Go down over a ridge, then out into an area with an enemy ship and lots of guys. Clear this area cautiously.

Keep going - you hear about a convoy being hit. Now you're in an area with overhead power lines. You hit a busted up bridge here. There's a blue shield over to one side with drones coming out of it. You can't drive through it but you can walk through it. You see a holo of the enemy talking "when the dust settles, you will see what I already know ..."

Whack the thing on the inside that is speaking to take down the shield adn be able to drive into the canyon. Drive down through the tunnel.


You head out onto a well lit road. You have to drive quickly, to jump over the holes.

"Something in the crater, ma'am"

You reach a baricade. End of the line for the vehicles - you have to run across here.

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