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Halo 3 Walkthrough
The Broken Path

"Master Chief? Finally, a good connection. Truth has gotten a forerunner excavation."

Get to the town of Voi, you're told. There's a new set of enemies to take on.


There are incoming flying ships - shoot at them and the enemies they drop.


"Pelicans coming in!" They drop a new warthog for you. You can shoot or drive based on your preference. Enemies start pouring in. Shoot away at them. There are guys on the ground and in grav lifts.

Head into a tunnel, then back into the light. Something is launching projectiles at you from afar - you can shoot the tank itself or at the pilot. Keep driving around, advancing.

There's a guy on a tutret up on a hill. It's best to get out of the warthog, jump over the hill and take out the tank in person. Move along out in a big open area. Ride along in the warthogs, moving under a bridge area. Everyone's back together in a team, the music is quiet. Go up and across the bridge.


"Chief! The gates of xxx are dead ahead."

Drive forward at the purple barracades and just blast wildly away at everything. There'll be guys on jetpacks, ground forces, etc. When it's clear, go forward to a projector.

"My dreadnaught now rests on its true pedestal. Now its holy engines spark greater ones below - ready to fulfill their divine purpose. Stay fast! Keep our enemies at bay. Soon, my brothers, we will all have our reward."

Kill the projector, move forward.


There's a turret by an energy shield. take cover and shoot at it carefully. Then take out the enemies below including a plasma cannon guy. Go very carefully in here, using cover and sniping. When they're all dead, go in through the shield to the shield generator. Bash it.

Cut scene of a pelican landing.

"Lord Hood - we made it."

"Music to my ears, Commander. What about the arc?"

"Fully uncovered, sir."

"Marines - the Prophet of Truth doesn't know it yet, but he's about to be kicked right off his throne."

"One final effort is all that remains."

blue loading screen.

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