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Homeworld Walkthrough: Level 4

Great Wastelands
OK, you're out in the wilds of space to regroup. This is where it's a little annoying that you can't move your mothership - it'd be good to keep all your forces together. Ah well. Send out your two (hopefully you have 2 by now, don't you?) resource collectors to grab one round of cash. When they get back, the fun begins. Build yourself whatever protection you can.

A big ship comes. Don't panic, but draw your harvesters in. This is a friendly Bentusi ship. You buy ion cannons off of it. The Bentusi leave because "the Turanic Raiders - servants of Kushan" are coming to attack.

Amass your army. There will be waves of the raiders, and then a large raider ship. Use the Sphere of Death to surround the big ship, and kill it off. When it's dead, you can now build your resource controller and harvest up the area. finish building your fleet up and repairing any damage, and then leave.

Homeworld Walkthrough

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