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Homeworld Walkthrough: Level 5

Great Wastelands
You're now trying to wreak revenge on the people who destroyed your homeland. You jump into a rocky area, and assume that your enemy is deep within the dust clouds. Harvest up as much as you can first - go down one side of the V and then the other, but don't get too near the center. Again, tell the controller to guard the collectors, and send along interceptors too, just in case.

Research the plasma bomb technology, and build some bombers. Wne you have eaten up the V and have built a big force, go in a bit closer and you will alert the bad guys that you are there. Retreat back to your mother ship. Now use your forces to fight off the enemy. Go in after their harvester when it comes close, and then retreat again to protect your mother ship!!

Save Game: 5 before attack (339k)

Homeworld Walkthrough

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