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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Transfiguration and Avifors Challenge

Next morning. Transfiguration first thing - first floor. You can go past where the shop normally is (it's not open) to chest to get card #83 - Roderick Plumpton. Caught snitch in 3.5 seconds.

Now they send me to the Avifors challenge. fun. First remove green stuff on left and right and pull two levers. Now path opens beneath where you entered the room. Go through there.

You're in a new stone room. Go into the opening into the center island area, and light up the interior. You'll find a wall you can open to create another entrance into this inner room. Go out and you'll find you can hop on this new doorway to get onto the island.

Jump out to the ledge you can reach from the top, and jump around (using ledges twice) to get to the door. The darn ghosts keep taking your beans as you do.

OK now you can see the book. Run to it, dodging the ghosts and pick it up. Now you have Transfiguration - Avifors. Turns small objects into birds.

Do the spell 3 times in this room, each time the bird moves to a new spot so you can go up a ledge and finally into a crawl hole. Chest - chocolate frog - full heal

OK now you're back in the starting room. Run jump left and avifors the statue there, then back to the start and the same to the right. Now go out on the ledge past the starting point for each one, and when you make it leave, push the drawbridge down to the center. When both drawbridges are down, the gargoyle awakens!

You have to do a wizard's duel with him. Go in close - easier. When you're done, he turns into a statue. Go over and turn it into a bird, and it flies down to the release lever. Now you can go out the door and crawl back through the hole.

You get 40 house points!!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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