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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Charms and Incendio Challenge

Today you have charms with Flitwick on the 2nd floor. Note that Ginny is there acting strangely. Her brother asks you to watch out for her.

Time to learn about Incendio. It's the Incendio challenge, and Potter. is called on.

Jump to the side tower first, watching the flame so you don't hit it. Then jump down. There's nowhere to go yet - you have to fight the gargoyle. Do so - when he dies, the lower door behind him opens.

Head in and up to a new room. Jump across to the center area. Go to one of the lower areas with a gargoyle. After 3 tennis hits, you get an egg. Turn it into a bird. Now use the ramps to go up to the second gargoyle and do the same thing. The gate above opens.

Go into the next room and get the book! Incendio. OK, flipendo the flaming statue to get back out to the edge. Now use incendio on the 4 torches to get them all lit and leave through the door.

Now you're back in the entry room. This part isn't much fun :) First, light the two square torches on fire. This brings down the two big pillars on either side. Each one leads to a room with a pair of wall-heads that switch the flames back and forth in the main room. Your aim is to get both flames on the left side lit, and then move the flames to the right side.

So first get the left flames turned off. Now go to the two left monster statues. Light each one on fire, and then FLIPENDO it so it points up. The two platforms on that side rise, so you can jump from the back wall to the front wall. The flames on this side are turned off so you don't have any interference when you jump. Now you can jump across those two platforms and push the left button.

Switch the flames to the right and go across the right side to that button. You are done!

40 house points!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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