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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Tom Riddle and the Spiders

You have a cut scene now about Tom Riddle's Diary. Riddle tells you about the monster killing the girl 50 years ago, and shows how Tom confronted Hagrid about his pet monsters. You run to Hagrid's house and watch as Malfoy's father takes away Hagrid. They're sending him to Azkaban and suspending Dumbledore too. Hagrid says to follow the spiders. He drops a key for you. This key only opens up the gateway behind his house into the forest.

Follow the spiders. There's a chest with card 66 Flavius Belby. You use incendio a TON in this level, both to burn webs and kill all the spiders. Be sure to use your 'target' when going after the spiders! Burn through the webs and follow the spiders. Now head up and find where a web covers a pit. Burn it and jump in. A new area loads.

A big spider is here. He says he's not the monster. Suuuuuure. :) He's certainly *A* monster! Now you have to get away from him. Head out. Down below him is a chocolate frog in a chest. Coming back up from there on the left is a chest - 63 - Herman Wintringham.

Go through web to go up on ledge to get another frog. Now go up on ledge to where you see big spider on web in front of you. Turn left and burn the web on your left. He sends little spiders at you. Climb up the stairs and burn the next web bit and go forward. Go around the chasm to the left, then jump and jump again to an inner chasm. Climb up to the left for a chest with 62 - Ignatia Wildsmith.

If you're unhealthy, keep flipendoing trees - they give endless treats if you're patient.

OK, go back down and forward through web. Now walk across the room avoiding the thin strands. Go along right to branch. Cross the branch. Go forward and left up to chest - another chocolate frog. They are certainly keeping you healthy! Now back down to web on left and burn it to go through.

Through tunnel. Chest - chocolate frog! It'd be hard to die in here. Another web to burn. On the left is a silver spider - get it first and then the others. Head over to web on left. Another silver spider and friend, and a chest - chocolate frog. Yummmmm.

Go up - burn web, flip plants and go through. Kill the spiders then take the ledge across to the right. Head up the ramp killing spiders as you go. Use your targeting! Burn the web. There are lots of spiders here, but you're almost done. A chest in bushes has a chocolate frog. Another chest has card - 64 - Jocunda Sykes.

Burn the web - the giant spider falls. So does Harry. Now you face the spider. When he rears up - get him with a fire blast. He drops silken sacs with treats for you. How nice! Watch his shock-waves and shoot him when he's reared up!

The car comes in and you leap in and fly off. That's the end of day.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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