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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Diagon Alley: Getting to the Alley

OK, you try to take the fireplace route to Diagon Alley but fail. You end up in a shady shop. Head to the far back and go in the black door. You hear Lucius and Draco selling a book. When they leave, sneak over there to learn Lumos - this lights up a dark area.

Search the case on the left for beans. Now go in the back again and use your light. You'll see a spot to "open" - do so and go through.

Now you've got imps to duel and dodge. Keep shooting them until the meter is gone. Now jump over the wall and flip them, dumping each one into a cage once you've grabbed them. When you do all of them, you get a card - Daisy Dodderidge. In the back shelf is ajar with chocolate frog. Go over the cage to get to the upper area. More beans in a jar. At the end is a chest with an owl treat. Now go to the other side, to the perch. Call Hedwig and feed her. A ladder drops down for you.

Climb up. Use light while walking, a lot of the floor falls out on you. Get to the back hole and use the light to go through it. Go out and against the wall to slide the boxes there. Down the stairs. Drag the box back and push the button behind it. The main grate opens in the main room. Go back there. In there is a chest with a wizard card - Gulliver Pokeby. Push the button here to open the other gate, and now you're out into the alley.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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