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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Getting to Hogwarts: Getting to Hedwig Spot

You try to drive to Hogwarts and crash land. This part can be pretty easy if you know when to avoid a fight. Here we go.

First, head down to the base. Watch each root as you get near it. It goes 1-2-3-4-vanish. When it vanishes, jump over the gap and run. You have to do that twice.

In the next area, there are mushrooms that emit bad gas. Stay away from them, and there's a chest here with a chocolate frog in it. There are roots that pop up from the ground. You can run past all of them just by looking for the green spots in the ground and avoiding them. Don't bother fighting them, they just come back again. Go around to the far left (if the tree is to your back) and up on the ledge that is on the wall opposite the tree.

Head back along the ledge to the right again. There'll be a root to time and run under. Now you'll hit a mushroom that blocks your path. Pluck it and throw it to get rid of it, then walk along the ledge when the root draws back away from it. Get to the very end of the ledge and jump down. Yes, it looks like you can walk across the branch near the end, but you can't.

There's a chest with a chocolate frog at the end here. Flipendo the little branches on the side wall and crawl in. A tree falls behind you so you can't go back. Little imps are here. Just keep blasting the ones on the ground, don't even worry about the ones up high. If you try to target them they'll just bop you in the head with nuts. When the progress bar is done, one comes up on the tree. Blast him to get through the tree area.

A chest has a wizard card - Grogan Stump. Now go up on the log and over to the Hedwig spot.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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