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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Getting to Hogwarts: Gytrashes and Trees

Talk to Hedwig and learn to use Lumos on the Gytrashes. Sure enough, when you go on from here you encounter 2 of the dog-beasts. Don't power your want up tons, they'll hit you while you're powering up. Just power it up a bit and chase them to burn them up. When the progress bar is done, flipendo the bush for health. Then flipendo the roots to crawl in.

Just run through the imps in the next area, and go up to the cauldron-trunk. Fill up your vial, drink it to heal, then fill up your vial again. Shoot the roots here and crawl in.

FINALLY you find Ron. How did he fall all this way away from you? This is, as you guessed, the boss battle for this area. Here's the trick. The tree has two "arms" that it hits with. When it hits, it creates a ripple that can hurt you. Run all the way in to Ron and stand next to him. Let an arm whack a few times. Then it goes up and shows you its "palm" with a circle on it. Target the palm and hit it. Don't power up tons, the palm doesn't stay there that long. When you do, the tree will start thrashing poor Ron all over the place. When it does, target the eye and zap it.

Do this a few times, the tree will start picking up the car and whacking it on the ground. Luckily you're pretty safe near Ron from any trouble, so just wait, shoot the palm, shoot the eye, wait and so on. Soon the tree gives up and you can head in to Hogwarts!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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