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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Neville is Stuck

Neville is stuck behind the tapestry! You need the Marauding Monsters book in the library, the diffendo spellbook in herb greenhouse #3, and then to rescue Neville.

OK, step 1. Go down to the library. You have to run through the guards - watch their patterns and wait for a break when their backs are turned to get through. The book is right there in the main room. Just save before each guard-run so if you get caught you can reload without losing points.

Next, sneak down the stairs. Go straight, left, forward, right to the door. At the entrance hall, you must sneak out down the top stairs behind the boy. Wait for the lower boy to cross the floor then run for the main door and out. Now wait for the 2 guards to go across the path and then run right and over to the greenhouse.

Go around to the back of the greenhouse, flipendo the plants, pull and crouch through the hole. You'll find card #72 - Helga Hufflepuff. Go up to the book - Diffendo - cuts ropes and tapestries. Useful! Fill your health in the cauldron. There isn't anything in the other greenhouses.

Back into the building and up. On the 2nd floor you find Nick frozen with a note about the Chamber of Secrets. There's a cut scene where you're taken off, with the hat and phoenix. Now back up to the 7th floor, sneak past more guards. You free Neville and get card #65 - Gondoline Oliphant.

Roam around a bit. The room off the main lounge area has card #1 - Balfour Blane. I bought #47 - Edgar Stroulger in the shop at this point. Off to bed!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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