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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Dark Arts Dueling Lessons

OK, Hermoine says to meet her in the 3rd floor. Head down there to the Dark Arts room. They put you through the portrait, and tell you to fetch the Expelliamus spell book.

First, push the button to activate the flying spheres. Flipendo each one and blocks will push out to let you go up to the left. On the left there's a potion cauldron to heal up. Now head right to the next room.

There are gnomes here. You'll need them so don't kill them all. Push the first button to bring the ball down. Go up onto the ledge. Press and hold R1 to target the rope. Shoot it to get to the next area. From the next ledge, press and hold R1 to the next rope. The next button is blocked by a cage. Grab one of those gnomes and toss it into the cage to get the button. On to the next, go down to the floor and toss a gnome into that cage. The button raises you up and you push the button there. One ball left. Go back down by the circle in the wall to shoot it. Head on out.

OK, cut the 2 ropes to slow the spinners and run through. Run past the gnomes and up onto the ledge. Flipendo each fire creature and run past it. The door is to the right.

Now cut the rope on the ball - it goes down to the first floor. Jump down after it, enter the door and jump straight to the book.

You learn Expelliarmus - rebounds an opponent's spell. Now back up a little when the statue flings yellow balls at you. Press the button when it's about halfway to you so you have the shield up when it hits you and then you can release the shield after that. It's like catch, you want the shield up when the ball hits you and then release it to fling the ball back.

The first few he throws right at you. Then you have to run to get to where he aims the others to catch them properly. If he throws 2 in a row, dodge the second one - you can't power back up in time.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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