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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Hogwarts: A History

You have to find copy of Hogwarts: A History. Hermoine wants to learn about chamber of secrets. She says it's in the restricted section of the library. She says to start at the 2nd floor in the library reading room. You need to get to the door with golden arch, through to the reading room annex. At the end is a portrait. The password is "bibliophile".

OK, so start by going down to 2nd floor, to reading room door.

I hate this room, you can rarely see the people in there to know how to dodge them. And you have to exit and reload to try again without losing points. When you walk into the room, go left and around the outside this time, to second-to-last aisle. Now go across to the far right and in the gold door.

Now you have another set of dodging people. Oh what fun. Go around to the middle and then left near the end, to the portrait. Crawl through.

Now you're trapped in the library room. Search and fill up on beans. Then head up the ladder. Go across ledge to the other ladder. Up it. The books don't attack - they just fly so watch their paths and dodge them. Ledge - another ladder up. Another ledge. Up ladder. Another ledge. Finally, a door. Around a hallway and to another door.

Now in new library area. Go to perch area. Hedwig flies down to you. "Students can admire the cover from below". Chest by back door - owl treat. Go back to Hedwig and feed him - she lowers a ladder. It's over by the owl treat chest.

Now jump across the bookcase tops. Be sure to go around across the door and use your cutting spell to get across the two roped areas. Get to the book. Now it says to return to Hermoine.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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