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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Helping Friends find Lost Items

The Gryffindor message board, in the main room of Gryffindor tower, lists items for you to find. Each time you bring an item back, you get 10 house points and a Wizard's card.

Potion Vial Case
This one is at the corner of the entry area, by the greenhouse wall. Right when you come in to the school for the first time you pretty much run into it.
10 house points, 45 - Dunbar Oglethorpe

Gryffindor Merit Badge
It's in the Quidditch practice area. It's on the far right when looking in from the entrance of the area, on the ground against the wall. Bring it to the board in your house lounge.
10 house points, 46 - miranda goshawk.

Lost Telescope on Rooftops
Fly towards the school from Hagrid's Hut, to the main double doors and then fly up to the roof right above there. There's a big flat area with several towers on the sides and a sloped roof to the back. Go to the left, and the telescope is by that tower.
10 house points, 48 - salazar slytherin

Trevor's Lost Toad by the Greenhouse
The frog is to the far right, when facing the greenhouse building.
10 house points, 49 - Elladora Ketteridge

Lost measuring scales by Hagrid's hut
What are all these kids doing by Hagrid's hut?? You find the scales on right side of Hagrid's house in the bushes.
10 house points, 50 - Musidora Barkwith

Lost Wizard's Hat during ride to Quidditch Stadium
This one is rather obvious. You find it in the group of trees in center of outer area by lake.
10 house points, 51 - Ethelred the Ever-Ready

Lost Dragon Hide Gloves
Head to the confiscated item storeroom off the quidditch training area. When standing in front of the door, head on your broom to the right, into that balcony area. You find the gloves there.
10 house points, 52 - Felix Summerbee

Lost Gadding with Ghouls
Go back to the confiscated items storeroom door. This time turn and face the quidditch practice field. See the green grassy area on the right? Fly to it and it's there.
10 house points, 54 - Gaspard Shingleton

Lost Holiday with Hags
Face the school with Hagrid's hut to your back. It's on the far left corner against the wall.
10 house points, 55 - Honoria Nutcombe

Lost Giant Tarantula by greenhouses
Go to wall of greenhouse that faces hagrid's hut. There's a hole in the wall to crawl into. Go in and find the spider, flip it over to grab it.
10 house points, 56 - Gideon Crumb

That's all of them!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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