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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Quests Around the School

This series of quests doesn't give you anything for each piece you complete. However, when you finally get through all the quests, you do get quite a reward!!

A kid by Hagrid's has lost his rememberall. You find it near the tree to the far left (when facing the school). Bring the rememberall back to Hagrid's hut. He says someone by the flying courtyard needs help too.

Potion Jar
A kid near the flying courtyard says he's lost his potion jar. You find the potion vials in bushes between Hagrid's house and the greenhouse. The item is tiny and green and in green bushes along greenhouse wall so they're hard to see. He says a race by quidditch entry is next.

Quidditch Foot Race
This one is easy. Talk to the kid by the Quidditch field. Just run down around the trees counterclockwise to win. Now someone needs help by the cloisters.

Daily Prophet
The cloisters are the square grass area surrounded by buildings, with the covered arched path around it. The kid there lost his copy of the Daily Prophet. It's on the right side of Hagrid's hut right by the base of the wall, past the axe. Now he says Neville is by the flying lesson area.

Lost Crockery
Find Neville by the flying lesson area. He's against the long side wall. Lost crockery. Go to roof ara over main entrance between the two towers - 7 pieces of crockery. Head back with the crockery - someone near main entrance needs help.

Mandrake Roots
The kid needs 3 mandrake roots. Go between greenhouse and Hagrid's house in the back area. There are more than 3 there. Extras don't seem to make any difference so just grab 3. You're done!!

The Reward
You get the key to the confiscated items storage. Go to the flying practice area, then go through the arch with 3 star plants. You can unlock the door with your key. Lots of chests!!

58 - Glover Hipworth
59 - Gregory the Smarmy
60 - laverne de montmorency
67 - Justus pilliwickle
68 - kirley duke
77 - norvel twonk
giant bean bag - holds 200 beans (and it's full!)

Note that if you fly up to the top of this building, there's a ledge with a broken window. In the nook is card 57 - Gifford Ollerton

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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