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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Spell and Chest Listing

You use this a ton in the game, it's the first spell you learn. You learn it at Ron's house. It's used to flip over chocolate frogs so you can eat them and heal up, to flip gnomes to then throw them somewhere, to kill plants, to shake beans out of armour and trophies.

You learn this on the first night in the greenhouse, when Neville is trapped behind a tapestry. It cuts open tapestries and cuts ropes. You need it for the next challenge, to cut ropes. You also can cut open various tapestries in the school to get into secret areas.

Diffendo Cards: Free Neville from tapestry: 65> Gondoline Oliphant
2nd floor: cut tapestry by Charms room: 98 - Dymjphna Furmage
2nd floor: cut tapestry by Charms room: 43 - Cyprian Youdle
3rd floor: cut tapestry: 92 - xavier rastrick

You learn this on Day 3 during the Dark Arts class. It lets you play tennis with your enemies, bouncing their spells back at them. Believe me, you're going to need this for every single challenge you do, so practice up and get good at it.

You learn this on the night of Day 3. It lets you get through green slime. You mostly use it for this one time period, although you do find several chests around that are slimed that you can now get into.

Green Chests:
1st floor: classroom 1e: 87 - Thaddeus Thurkell
1st floor: down hall: 96 - Hengist of Woodcroft 2nd floor: behind tapestry: bigger bean bag - can carry 100 now.
2nd floor: dark arts room: 95 - Yardley Platt
7th floor: past where the shop normally is: 83 - Roderick Plumpton
7th floor: 7a arithmancy: 79 - Oswald Beamish

This spell is learned on day 4 in the Avifors Challenge. It lets you turn items into birds. This is solely used to get through this challenge and the next, so that you get birds to land on pressure switches.

This spell is learned on day 5 in the Incendio Challenge. It lets you light things on fire. It's used a lot during that challenge to light torches and statues on fire. It's also used to burn cobwebs to get to chests covered by cobwebs. In the spider night sequence, it's used to attack spiders and burn their webs.

Webbed Chests:
main entry hall: straight across top balcony - end in room: 76 - Myron Wagtail
1st floor: transfiguration - 85 - Blenheim Stalk
2nd floor: cut tapestry, on right - 74 - Montague Knightley 7th floor: room 7a - 88 - Celestina Warbeck

The last spell is bought at the shop for 80 beans, so you have to wait until you have a bean bag that will hold 100 beans to get this. It's an unlocking spell. It does NOT unlock doors. All it unlocks is locked chests.

Locked Chests:
under main entry stairs to left - another potion vial
2nd floor - charms classroom - 90 - Sacharissa Tugwood 3rd floor - behind tapestry 73 - Mopsus
3rd floor - defense dark arts classroom - 93 - Heathcote Barbary
7th floor - hole under bookcase - 101 - Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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