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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough
Wizard Card Listing

??> Queen Maeve: bathroom near the bean shop
I thought she was 77 but another card is ...

1> Merlin: hitting the haystack in the Burrow
3> Elfrida Clagg: buy in store
4> Grogan Stump: in chest in forest on way to Hogwarts
5> Gulliver Pokeby: the chest before entering Diagon Alley
6> Glanmore Peakes: buy in store
7> Hesper Starkey: buy in store
8> Derwent Shimpling: beating the gnome record in the Burrow

13> Andros the Invincible: ??? (I had it but forgot where I got it)
15> Paracelsus: Win from rooftop gnome tossing at school. Mysterious wizard

22> Circe: win very first broom race, course 1.
24> Adalbert Waffling: win first broom race, course 2.
25> Perpetua Fancourt: win first broom race, course 3
27> Mirabella Plunkett: crawl through barrels in Leaky Cauldron basement
28> Tilly Toke: in chest in back of Magical Menagerie

31> Balfour Blane: ??? (I had it but forgot where I got it)
32> Bridget Wenlock: Buy in store
36> Joselind Wadock: kids by portrait trades for 84 roland kegg

43> Cyprian Youdle: cut tapestry on 2nd floor, in chest
45> Dunbar Oglethorpe: give vial case back to kid in central room
46> Miranda Goshawk: for finding Gryffindor merit badge
47> Edgar Stroulger: in shop
48> Salazar Slytherin: for finding lost telescope
49> Elladora Ketteridge: Trevor's lost toad

50> Musidora Barkwith: finding the lost scales
51> Ethelred the Ever-Ready: finding the wizard's hat
52> Felix Summerbee: finding the dragon gloves
53> Greta Catchlove: in the shop
54> Gaspard Shingleton: finding the ghoul book
55> Honoria Nutcombe: finding the hag book
56> Gideon Crumb: finding the lost tarantula
57> Gifford Ollerton: roof area of confiscated item storeroom, in broken window
58> Glover Hipworth: confiscated item storeroom
59> Gregory the Smarmy: hitting the scarecrow in the Burrow; confiscated item storeroom

60> Laverne de Montmorency: confiscated item storeroom
61> Havelock Wweeting: kid by portrait trades for 77 norvel twonk 62> Ignatia Wildsmith: during spider mission
63> Herman Wintringham: during spider mission
64> Jocunda Sykes: during spider mission
65> Gondoline Oliphant: free Neville from the tapestry
66> Flavius Belby: in spider mission
67> Justus Pilliwickle: confiscated item storeroom
68> Kirley Duke: confiscated item storeroom
69> Limited Edition Bertie Bott: in shop

70> Leopoldina Smethwyck: chest in the bedroom
72> Helga Hufflepuff: In Greenhouse #3
73> Mopsus: 3rd floor behind tapestry, locked chest
74> Montague Knightley: 2nd floor behind tapestry, webbed chest
75> Mungo Bonham: kid by door will trade you for 13 - andros the invincible
76> Myron Wagtail: into main hall. straight across top balcony - end in room
77> Norvel Twonk: confiscated item storeroom
78> Orsino Thruston: Kid by main door will trade you this for 98 - dymphna furmage
79> Oswald Beamish: 7th floor: 7a arithmancy

80> Beatrix Bloxam: buy in store
81> Qong Po: kid by portrait trades for 43 cyprian youdle
82> Rowena Ravenclaw: Knock all imps into cages in Leaky Cauldron
83> Roderick Plumpton: With goo spell, past where the shop normally is.
84> Roland Kegg: ??? 85> Blenheim Stalk: webbed chest in Transfiguration classroom
86> Doracas Wellbeloved: down in Slytherin area, can't get until very last day
87> Thaddeus Thurkell: green chest in classroom 1e
88> Celestina Warbeck: cobweb chest by 7a?
89> Alberta Toothill: Getting all 3 of Ginny's items in Diagon alley

90> Sacharissa Tugwood: 2nd floor charms classroom, locked chest
92> Xavier Rastrick: 3rd floor tapestry
93> Heathcote Barbary: 3rd floor dark arts classroom, locked chest
94> Merton Graves: Kid in library up stairs will trade for 31 Balfour Blane
95> Yardley Platt 2nd floor: dark arts room
96> Hengist of Woodcroft: green chest, down hall on floor 1
97> Alberic Grunnion: costs 30 beans at the bean shop
98> Dymphna Furmage: cut tapestry on 2nd floor, in chest. Also in the shop.
99> Daisy Dodderidge: catching all imps when entering Diagon alley

100> Harry Potter: final card you get once you get all 100 cards, given by Albus Dumbledore
101> Albus Dumbledore: 7th floor, hole under bookcase, locked chest

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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